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Parts located in Cincinnati Ohio
[email protected]

6-speed (t/56) 03 cobra 2k works perfect with bellhousing and steedsa tri -ax $1,775

03 cobra flywheel and clutch pressure plate 2k looks to be in new condition $375

03 cobra slip yoke (cobra specific) $100

used 6k t/56 complete.. has bent main shaft. can be upgraded for about $1000 $700 or possibly part out

For $2,200 I'll sell the complete trans with tria x , 03 clutch, flywheel and pressure plate. bellhousing clutch cable, shift forkcrossmember and cobra driveshaft. basically everything to install it in a car .

the good trans still in car wanting to change to new tremec 5/speed

(edit) I also have the complete 6 k miles clutch,pressure plate and flywheel clutch fork and bellhousing that was in the car with the damaged 6 speed. also crossmember I will let this go with the damaged 6 speed for $250 extra
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