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Hi Russ:

I'd sure like to see your cars.

I usually make one, sometimes two trips a month to the Bay area or LA and then load steel coils at USS Posco in Pittsburg. Sometimes I have to wait a half day to load. I can drop the trailer there and drive over to Richmond.

Can I get to your place without running foul of the "NO trucks" laws and is there space to park the Pete?

I don't have a trip scheduled right now and I usually don't know what deliveries I have until a day or so before I leave so I can't give you definate notice other than I'm usually in Pittsburg Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.


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Russ and James
I'll be at home tomorrow without my pc. I will definately come by while I am there! My home number is (480) 342-9092. Let me know your addy and/or numbers to call for directions. :D

ps We get in Wed at 11am and will be in town until Fri afternoon. Staying at a friend's house on or close to Knobb Hill?

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