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2 questions:

1. Where is the popular location to mount the coil in the engine bay?

2. What is a good underdrive pulley set for the 5.0 engine (assume basic engine setup i.e. no AC, no heater etc etc.)?

As always, any advice is greatly appreciated.

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I mounted my coil on the inside edge of the 3/4" tube that runs under the left hood lip, just forward of the vertical 3/4" tube where the steering shaft pillow block mounts. I mounted it there mostly because that is where the donor harness plug ended up. I got very lucky. When it came time to mount my hood hinge, I thought the gas strut would hit the coil mounting bracket. It clears by less than 1/4".

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On the pulleys, my son bought me (birthday) a clear aluminum set of three for under $100 from Mustangs Unlimited on-line. Look great, have not used them yet.

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