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A short introduction:
I fell in love with these cars when I was about 14-15 years old. ('87-88).
Up to that time I was living overseas (Greece) and had no idea specs on the originals and no idea of the kit industry.
When I moved to the U.S., I started researching and found kit manufacturers (can't remember which ones). I loved the idea, but lacked any skills.
At the age of 16 I bought a '78 Fiat 124 Spider which I restored.
Then did a bit of work on my own cars and finally got partial skills and money to do this.
I loved the originals and the original look, but I wanted and envisioned something different, a bit more of a modern flare.
This might not be to everybody's taste, but I am sure some parts of it can be appreciated by everybody.
I loved building it and I love driving it. As of 1/10/2010 I have about 800 miles on her.

I got the kit about 3 years ago. I took my time, family, vacation, work and I am at this point today!!!
Yeah baby!!!!
I am proud of this accomplishment, my wife loves it, my kids think their dad is super man.


302 EFI (Rebuilt)
BBS SSI Upper and Lower intakes
BBS Fuel Rails
190 LPH Fuel Pump
Stock MAF calibrated for 24# injectors
24# injectors
70 mm throttle body
Ceramic Coated FMS shortie headers
Catalytic Converters (Ceramic Coated)
Edelbrock Performer Cam
Edelbrock Performer Heads
93 Cobra ECU
T5 (SN95 ’94) with Midshift/Frontshift and Working Electric Speedo by ModernDriveline.com (Rebuilt)
Pro 5.0 Shifter
SN95 (’94) Rear End with 3.55 gears (Rebuilt)
SN95 (’94) Spindles
Stock ’94 Mustang GT brakes all around (New or Rebuilt)
ABS (’94)
18” Rims
Front: 265/35/18 on 18”X9” rims 5.95" backspacing
Rear: 295/30/18 on 18”x10” rims 7.1" backspacing
Paint and Body by Jeff Miller
Orange: Mitsubishi Orange
Black: Black
Rounded Edges: Cockpit (Front/Back), fenders
Hidden body mounts. Side, Front, Rear
Delete: Bumpers, Standard Hood Latches, Wipers.

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I used a black fabric marker to make the blue around the "5" on the seats black since I have no blue on the car. It covered it up nicely.


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This picture shows how my hardtop is stored. This is a lift I bought from Harbor Freight, and then came up with
the needed supports. It has a wired up/down switch which makes R/R very easy.

Here you can see the roadster's parking spot in between my 2 other cars.


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Breeze hidden trunk hinges, and Mike's supports.
Under floor battery box and storage boxes under the cover.
The cable you see on the right support/shock is to limit the opening of the trunk when the APE hardtop is installed.
Unfortunately I found out after the fact that the way the hidden hinges open the lid, allow for contact between lid and top. The trunk still opens about half way and the supports still hold it open.

Here you can see part of the hidden hood latch mechanism.

For more info on the Hiiden Hood Latches, click HERE of go to page three of this tread.

Here you can see the rest of the mechanism. All is activated almost like a factory car, by pulling on a T handle right above my left knee which pulls in the pins, then the T handle is locked in the open position and the hood can be opened by the scoop.
The hood supports makes the opening process very easy.

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In the following you see my custom made center console.
It was made by me and I have (had) no woodworking skills. It was one of the toughest parts of the build, because of the measuring and fitting. I made about 2 prototypes that eventually did not work because once the rear cockpit was installed, it through everything off. Same for the dash padding.

For instructions on how I did my console, click hereor just go to the 2nd page.

I used vinyl in the entire interior with 1/8" closed cell foam. I love the look and it feels great.

Red covered switch is Hazards
Turn knobs from left to right: Dr. fresh air vents, Heater, Pas. fresh air vents.
Toggles left to right: Radiator Fan override, High Beams, int. lights.
Warning lights: Top left-CEL, Top right-ABS, Bottom Middle-Alternator.
Through Steering Wheel: Right TS, Highs, Left TS

I have read some concerns about the right knee hitting a console if installed in these cars.
I am a short dude (5'10"+/-) and my knee has never touched the side of the console. I can see though how some of the taller guys might be uncomfortable.

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There is no interference with my elbow when shifting.
The console serves as a great arm rest.
Squeezed and adjusted the seats so they would not be angled out or in, and tried to center them as much as possible with the roll bars. A pain, but worth it. Most of my husky friends find it tight, perfect for me and my wife.

There is plenty of storage in the console and the mandatory for SoCal weather gloves a must....HMMM!!!

In closing I would like to thank everybody on this site!!! Everyone!!!
Special thanks to those that have replied to my questions. Could not have done it without you...
I would like to super thank those of you who gave me stuff or made stuff for me....you know who you are...Eddie, Chris etc.)
All in all, thanks to everyone I have come in contact with, directly or indirectly regarding these cars...


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That is one sweet looking ride. Very, very nice!

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Congratulations Sam! Your car looks just great, and really reflects all your hard work. How about some more pics? Any of the interior?


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That is gorgeous! You've obviously spent some time on that.

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I thank you all for your kind words. Makes this journey even more worth it!!!!
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