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This is a 1964 movie with Lee Marvin and Angie Dickinson (some young guys may be going 'who?'). About a couple of hitmen and a race car driver. Race car driver drives, of course, a Cobra. Looks like a slabsided 289?

Things caught from 1 minute scene with Cobra on the track:

1. Really skinny tires (circa early 60's racing) leaving really long marks leaving the pit.
2. Angie Dickinson holds onto a grab-bar, and you can see it over her shoulder part way through the scene (no belts on for either actor though, but I'm sure they weren't actually on the track at speed in the car) Another shot from the rear of the car into cockpit, looks like none of the gauges are actually moving. Details.
3. Short view of the mid-shift shifter.
4. Couldn't tell if there were side pipes or not. Side views were short and blurry, maybe so you couldn't ID the actors not being in the car?
5. Engine sounds were great, don't know if it was the same car or not.

Didn't see any of the movie past this scene, about 10-15 minutes in. May be more scenes with the car later. I may have to try to find it at the video store to slo-mo thru the scene just for details.
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