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Cobra relatives and something to do while hunkered down at home

Some of you may not realize it but the Cobra, as we know it, has many close relatives like the MGA and even Ferrari. I know this is hard for some of you to accept but it is true. How many Cobra/MGA’s conversions have you seen? I’m sure, if you have followed these forums for a while, you’ve seen a few and some have made comments regarding how crude and off-beat they look.

Well, here’s a little history to chew on for a while. The first article, has been around for a while. The second, I just came across and includes some great detailed pictures.
First article about the Tojeiro-MG with a little back ground history; note, besides the body, the dash drop-down section:

Second article with some great detailed pictures of the 1955 MG Hawk Barchetta. I had never seen this car until today and it really makes a connection between the Cobra, MGA and Ferrari as much as the Tojeiro-MG does.

For some more interesting information about Cobra history, look up the Corvace, a Corvette powered AC Ace/Bristol that raced in the late 50’s, even against Shelby himself. I’ve got a picture somewhere of Shelby on the track racing with the Corvace. The guy who built this car and raced it actually lived in my home town, Bethesda, MD.

Enjoy, George
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