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can someone point me to a web site to get some information on these wheels?

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I bought my silver 17x9 replica Cobra R's from AFS Wheels (afswheels.com?) I bought them off e-bay as blemished wheels, around $1000 for wheels and Kumho tires. I was very impressed with the quality, was not able to find any blemishes. The center caps are kind of cheap (a sticker), but I think all the replica caps are. Lots of companies making these, I am happy with AFS.


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I also got mine from AFS Wheels www.afswheels.com.

17x9's Front
17x10.5's Rear.

I had originally ordered them on Ebay w/ blemishes (Silver.) Unfortunately in my case the Blemishes where not well photographed and I was disappointed. I posted the only bad review in something like 200 reviews.

AFS was very prompt at calling me. We discussed the situation and I agreed to return the wheels and buy some without blemishes and I'd pay the extra $100 that I was getting off (Normally Sells for $850 I paid $750 for the Ebay auction ones.)

Well, there was issues with AFS's paint supplier getting the 17x9's and 17x10.5's in the same paint process. Meantime I had ordered my tires Bridgeston Protenza RE730's 255/45 fronts 285/40 rears from Tire Rack and drop shipped to my local Auto Pro Shop. After a few months of them not being able to get me my wheels and my Auto Pro Shop getting POed at me leaving my tires there I started getting agitated at AFS.

Well finally he asked if I wanted to go with the Chromes instead (they run $1250 for my pair) and I said I didn't want to spend the money on them. He then says, No I meant at no extra charge. Well I'm not too big of a fool so I agreed. They didn't even charge me the Extra $100. So I got my $1250 Wheels for $750 + Frustration (I can live with Frustration for $500)



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I also bought AFS about a year ago. They sold me the polished version for about $700 in a magazine deal, no shipping cost. They asked if I wanted slightly blemished at the $100 discount and the front face is nearly flawless at 2 feet with a couple of spects the size of this period >. The polished look very much like chrome, slightly warmer, but need some Mothers on occasion. They can never peel but I don't think AFS had this problem like some.

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I can get you a set off 17x9 gray for $625 a set.
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