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clutch cable sheared off, tips to fix?

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my crazy mustang friend took my car out for one run and busted the clutch cable clear off. it was probably fraying for some time though.

any tips to fix this? its really tight in there and im not exactly sure where the rest of the cable is. it seems to wind from the pedal up back under the dash.


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I think I paid $16 for my replacement clutch cable at AutoZone. Not very hard to change. Just remember, if you have stock plastic quadrant, it is spring loaded, so after you hook the cable onto the quadrant you have to really pull on the cable from underneath the car to hook the other end onto the clutch fork.

Oh, and don't blame your buddy, these cables snap all the time!

Wait till your POS plastic quadrant breaks and you have to change that!!! Been there, done that, not a happy camper!!!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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