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Clutch Cable Firewall Adjuster Questions

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My clutch pedal sits a lot higher than my brake pedal. If I use one of those clutch cable firewall adjusters, will that allow me to adjust my clutch cable so that I can get my clutch pedal even with my brake pedal? (My donor package came with a BBK clutch quadrant.)


Jim Doak
FFR 2117
(Still in the build process)
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You will need a couple of things to get it right. Yes, the fire wall adjuster helps, but the main thing to get is an adjustable clutch cable. They usualy come with a cool quadrant too, I suggest getting the FMS version. Once you install it, you'll understand the rest of what I'm going to say.

The firewall adjuster just makes it easier to fine tune the pedal positon, but it not a requirement.

Once you have your pedal adjusted where you want it, you'll need to put a stopper of some sort on the quardant so the pedal doesn't just flop around.

Once you do these things, your pedals will be even and life will be good once again.
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