Leftover Parts for Sale. PM me if you're interested. Payment through PayPal or Venmo.

Black Sleeve Textile Gesture Glove

MK4 Floor Mats. New Never used. $80 + shipping.

Outerwear Safety glove Glove Sleeve Grey

Parking Brake Boot. New Never used. $20 + shipping.

Footwear Automotive lighting Plant Red Material property

Set of 4 Taillights. New never used. $40 + Shipping for all 4.

Wood Personal protective equipment Font Pattern Metal

#13189 1987-2004 Spindle adapter brackets. $50 for the pair + shipping.

Tire Automotive tire Automotive wheel system Font Auto part

2 sets of MK3 2" Roll Bar Grommets. New Never installed. $50 each + shipping.

Watch Analog watch Silver Rectangle Clock

SpeedHut Clock New $30 + shipping.

Tire Automotive tire Wood Synthetic rubber Coil spring
Font Red Material property Magenta Tints and shades

Eibach 8" x 2.5" 250lbs springs. Used for maybe 2,000 miles. $75 for the pair + shipping.

Tire Automotive tire Wood Tread Synthetic rubber
Rectangle Font Material property Plant Technology

QA1 9" x 2.5" 250lbs springs. New. Only tried to install but they were too long for my setup. Make sure they will work for you beforehand. $65 for the pair + shipping.