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Chrome thief?

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A few months back I noticed that the chrome bezel on one of my front turn signal light was missing. Even though it was on snug, I figured maybe the ring fell off. A kind forum member had a spare, so it was replaced.

Yesterday, I went for a drive and hit some golf balls. Coming home, I noticed something odd on the reflection on the car ahead of me. The passenger side turn signal was much brighter with the headlights turned on. Also, the turn signal on that side was not working. I got out of the car only to realize the chrome bezel is missing again. After diagnosing the electricals, it turns out that my signal light bulb was installed upside down. Of course, it was all working fine before going out for the drive.

My question is, why would anyone want to steal a chrome bezel? Is it the same thief twice? The other question is, why then would you take off the bulb, only to install it upside down? Is that thief messing with me? Am I missing something here? :confused1::mad:
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I just assumed it fell off the first time. After that time, I made sure to secure by tapping down with a block & rubber mallet. I couldn't make it budge, and that was just a few months ago. It would take deliberate, strong force to get the bezel off. Assuming it did vibrate off, the bulb still rotated by itself in the socket. Before the missing chrome, functioning turn lights. After missing chrome, flipped bulb. Aliens perhaps? Don't know, but I do know I need a new bezel.
Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't after you. :shifty:

Metal expansion could definitely loosen the part, even though the drive wasn't very long. I don't know about the bulb, it's been working well for years and I did a routine lights check recently. Now I find it's flipped.
I will make sure to silicone the parts together, just have to get another chrome piece.
Eddy, thanks for the offer. I've got the lens, just need the bezel.
Sluggish, No harm in trying, except maybe a blown fuse. :) Honestly, it was the last thing I thought of after going thru wiring, relays, turn signal stalk... Then I thought, what were the odds that I just lost a bezel AND the light suddenly is on the fritz? That's when I rotated the bulb.

"Who would steal a chrome bezel?"
I don't know, but I did know a kid back in the day who used to walk around parking lots stealing chrome tire valve stem caps. He had several large jars full of them. I asked him why. He just shrugged and laughed. Weird kid. :confused:

Not trying to reopen this discussion, just saying there are all types out there.
Anyway, I also plan on tapping a screw at the bottom of the bezel, as well as clear silicone. Thanks for the advice!
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