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Chrome thief?

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A few months back I noticed that the chrome bezel on one of my front turn signal light was missing. Even though it was on snug, I figured maybe the ring fell off. A kind forum member had a spare, so it was replaced.

Yesterday, I went for a drive and hit some golf balls. Coming home, I noticed something odd on the reflection on the car ahead of me. The passenger side turn signal was much brighter with the headlights turned on. Also, the turn signal on that side was not working. I got out of the car only to realize the chrome bezel is missing again. After diagnosing the electricals, it turns out that my signal light bulb was installed upside down. Of course, it was all working fine before going out for the drive.

My question is, why would anyone want to steal a chrome bezel? Is it the same thief twice? The other question is, why then would you take off the bulb, only to install it upside down? Is that thief messing with me? Am I missing something here? :confused1::mad:
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I had something similar - someone broke into my garage and regapped all my plugs to 0.062 after I clearly remember thinking "I need to gap these before I install them" three months ago.

Odd, isn't it?
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