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Check out these FFROGFEST WEST trophies!

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Here's a picture of the trophies for the car show and Spec race. My father-in-law made them for the event and he did a great job!

We will have a bunch of different ways for you to win a trophie. Like, "Most likely to get a ticket". Or, "Best Paint". Etc...

Hope to see you there!

- Bill
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Originally posted by FFCars4Me:
Very Nice!
Do you have a trophy for "Loudest Sound System in a F5R"?, that's the only possible way I could win one...
Maybe... you'll have to come and see. :D
Serg - you're not going? What???

Here's a list of awards for the car show:

1st Place - Best of Show
2nd Place - Best of Show
3rd Place - Best of Show

1st Place - Best Paint
2nd Place - Best Paint

1st Place - Best Under $25,000
2nd Place - Best Under $25,000

1st Place - Constructors Award
2nd Place - Constructors Award

1st Place - Best Engine
2nd Place - Best Engine

1st Place - Best Interior
2nd Place - Best Interior

1st Place - Best Under Construction
2 nd Place - Best Under Construction

Highest Mileage

Lowest Mileage

Most original / unique vanity plate

Long Distance Award

Best Daily Driver

Best Use of Chrome

Most Likely to get a Speeding Ticket

Stealth Award - Least Likely to get a Speeding Ticket

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