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My oldest son and I decided to take the roadster to a mid-month cars and coffee this morning at a local dealership. It was a small turnout (30-40 cars) compared to the hundreds of cars that attend the first of the month event at a larger venue.

We had a great time talking cars with some of the folks walking through. There were lots of late model domestics and some imports. Only a few Porsches and Audis, but no real foreign exotics. I did get invited to the November Porsche car club's car show next month.

There was a late model 2006 Ford GT40 present, but unfortunately, the guy didn't seem interested in conversation. He was wandering around but never even came over to look or talk, while I did compliment his car. Apparently he has a 2019 GT40 as well, so maybe the "kit car" wasn't up to his snuff. Another guy had what I believe to be a FFR Type 65 coupe. It was set up like a dedicated racer, I believe, and was showing its frequent race use and wear. He didn't hang out long at all, and I never got a chance to talk with him.

I did find out there are at least two more cobras in town besides mine, but I've only ever seen one of them once about 4-5 years ago. Apparently he doesn't drive it around really at all. Thats a shame.

One young man in his early 20s was really interested, saying this was his dream car. He asked for me to start it up, so I did that and let him take the driver's seat while it was running. He couldn't stop going on about it afterwards.

This was my first chance to get to really talk to others folks about the cobra outside of the forums or brief social media posts. Looking forward to doing it again!

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