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Carburetor options

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I have a Holley Street Warrior that came on my Blueprint engines 306. I cannot get the thing dialed in. It runs incredibly rich. The floats were way high. I’ve brought them into adjustment. The mixture screws were at 1/4 and 1 and 3/4. I’ve put them both at 1 and 1/2. Still running really rich. The idle is high and the curb idle screw is backed off entirely. I turned the mixture screws in to 1 turn out on each with no real change. I haven’t used my vacuum gauge yet to tune for maximum vacuum. I checked everywhere for vacuum leaks and found none. I’ve been told to disconnect the Vacuum advance to help lower the idle. Clamped it shut with no effect. Going to call Holley tomorrow, but looking at other carb options. Anybody running an Edelbrock? What model and do you like it? Starting to wonder if my Holley is a Monday morning or Friday afternoon build. So far it’s used 5 gallons of gas to try to tune the carb and completely carbon fouled the first set of plugs to where it would no longer start. Starting to feel frustrated. Thanks
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Did you try smaller main jets?
Not yet. I haven’t been inside the carb. I think I’m going to be opening it up though. I’m not getting anywhere with external settings.
I’ve had a lot of experience tuning the Holley carbs. If you want to call me I can give you my number.
Greg, if you could, please text your # to me at 443-496-0437. I’m sure I will have questions. Figure your airfare to Baltimore. It may come to that. Thanks.
What is your fuel pressure? Should be 5-6 max. I can’t imagine how it could be running that rich out of the box.
Greg, it’s running off the Holley red pump that’s supposed to be 7psi max. Came as a package. No return line. I don’t think it’s a pressure issue as once I adjusted the floats it’s not coming out the site holes like it was.
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