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Bob, the dash install continued into the night...I drilled out about 1/2 of the holes, talk about being nervous, trying not to screw it up! Quit about 9 pm on a high note, will finish hole-sawing tomorrow. The seats are in solid as a rock with the new back braces...cheesy but effective! Next is the hood hinge,and and oil pressure, water temp senders. Then add trim, get her aligned, registered, and hit the road for shake down before Sebring.

Thanks a million for dropping by today in your fantastic car...and braving the muddy water-holed dirt road to get here. Buddies and inspiration like that are hard to find!

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Thunderball, aka Chris Bailey, dropped off my carbon fiber dash a couple of days ago. It's BEEYOUTIFUL is all I can say. Kind of trick, too. Very solid across the entire front, much thicker than aluminum, with a substantial lower lip similar to the aluminum lip on a stock dash, but thicker and more meaty. The cool part is the "wings" which curve around at each end to tuck behind the door hinge mounts. That part of the dash is laminated thinner, so it is very flexible and easily can be curved wherever you want it. Anyhow, I took a couple of pics for the scrapbook. Then, looked at em tonight, and realized how fantastically smooth and shiny the dash face is as delivered, you can see my engine parts in it. I'll post a couple pics below.

I thought guys who were thinking about a CF dash would want to see how great these are out of the box. Now if I can just not mess it up when I drill and mount my gauges and bolt it to the car! I've ordered my hole saws and hope to have it in next weekend. Thanks Chris, you are da bomb.
I read this old post, could your repost the carbon fiber dash? couldn't see the the pics.
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