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Ok, I am new to the whole carb thing, and I need some help from people who have done this before.

I currently have a mild 302 with dual quads on it. I want to eventually put a pretty wild 331 in it, but I dont want to have to change the fuel system all around when I do drop it in.

So far I have a

-holley blue pump (which I was given, and I would like to use since I cant return it)

-paxton in tank pickup with return (-10an/-6an)

-aeromotive a1000 return style regulator

Now, for the questions:

I am planing on running a -10an line from the tank to the pump (with a -10an adaptor on the pump). What size line do I need to run from the pump to the regulator to support a nice 331? I was going to run a -8an line, is that ok?

I have been told that the a1000 is too big and will cause the pump to heat the fuel up too much. What FPR should I use that is a reasonable size?

I was going to run a -6an return line since that is the size of the return fitting on my tank pickup. Is that ok?

So basically what size lines are good, what FPR, and is there anything I am missing?

thank you so much!

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Dual Quads seems a bit much for a mild 302. I'd go with a single 600 cfm unit. Also, with a carb, I'd stay with a mechanical pump due to the low pressure needed. The elcetric pump will have way too much pressure. With a carb and mechanical pump you do not need a return line. -10an seems a bit big for fuel supply.
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