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Struggling with carburetors. I took a Holley 570 with vacuum secondaries off of my car because of the stumble when starting to go. When the secondaries opened, the car ran great. I put a 600 double pump with mechanical secondaries, and mechanical choke on. After adjusting the idle mixture screws, the car runs good from idle to going pretty good. When the secondaries open, the motor is flat and won't pull very hard. I took the carb apart to check jets, 66 primary and 73 secondary. Also, one of the secondary jets wasn't tight. I checked float level before removing carb, that was fine. My question is, is that a standard separation for jets? The carb was new from Auto Zone. If I am going to change jets , what would be a good number to start with? The plugs are a dark brown color. Any help would be appreciated. Mike
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