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Well I bought a Serpent Express. The only problem is that its currently in the Chicago area and I live in Florida. At some point I will need to go get it, no major rush but would like to do it before winter. So an empty car trailer would be making its way down south. I was thinking of throwing out some options to this group that could work for both parties.

Is there is someone who has their paint lined up and needs their car transported? Or somebody who bought a car who needs it delivered and would want to work out a deal?

It could work a couple ways. I do all the driving since I would have to eventually get the trailer anyway, like a transport service. If you are trailer/hauling savvy you could use the trailer to pull the car to a destination closer to me (then I meet to pick it up), like a trailer rental. There would be lots of details to work out but just putting it out there. I wouldn't be looking to make money on it just really cover some of the gas expense, the cost would be worked out depending on the situation. The more on the Chicago to Orlando route the location is the better and it would be a one way option only :)

Let me know if this interests anyone.
Thanks, Michael
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