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I haven't been blogging, too busy. I have been really working on getting my Coupe finished so I can drive it next year.

This week I finished the new inner door skin plugs and made the molds.

I also prepped the drivers rocker panel plug for a new mold. Made the "molds" for the two front air dams. Fitted the drivers side inner door panel to the outer. Extended the passenger side rocker panel mold in the area I made bigger for the new wheel well aluminum. I also finished detailing the edge for the body mounted wheel wells.

Trying to get all the molds and new fiberglass done before XMas. Next up are the drivers rocker panel mold and making the 4 parts from the rocker panel and inner door skin molds. Shaping the front air dams and then making the plug and mold for the rear air diffuser.
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