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my head gasket change is scheduled in CannonBall Cobra's garage in a few weeks. but......

i figured something out. the confusion was why the engine would bubble after driving "only sometimes."

i drove all the way to Huntington Beach and the engine was silent. i took it out out one day and drove it hard. i got home, and no bubbling. other times, it would bubble like Jabba the Hut in a bathtub after eating a hundred burritos.

the divine relalation is.....

it turns out, you have to a minute for it to start. i drove the car really hard for 20 minutes, the last five nights in a row. when i pulled into the garage, it was silent each time. BUT, if you wait a minute or two, the bubbling starts. exact same thing, every time.

must have something to do with how the engine gets a little hotter after you turn it off.

i have Fortes degas tank, not sure if it will help me. i'll change the gaskets, then maybe install it afterwards. otherwise, i'll sell the degas tank to someone else.

whaddaya know?

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