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Brake lines and MC???

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Well I am planning on starting my brakes today..I was planing on going with the 94 cobra MC (Am I correct is the 94 Cobra MC 15/16 with 2 ports)..Also I am building a IRS car..Using stock rear disk and the 73mm calipers in the front..

Can someone tell me what I need to get in regards to fittings and preflared lines..I have read the articles on the FAQ..But they don't say what MC they are using..It looks like they are using a 3 port...Or if the end fitting would work on my 94 Cobra MC..

If anyone could post a complete list of what I need to get..ie,lenght of preflared, what fittings I need, How many T adapters..Also remember I will be running a 94 Cobra MC....

Any help would be realy appreciated
Thank you
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Save yourself a ton of time and effort!!! Call Tri-States and order the set of pre-bent and flared brake lines.

I hope that somebody will post a complete list, it would be a nice addition to the FAQ. My own set-up has "evolved", and I did not record lengths, but maybe I can help some. See also the FAQ for a fitting index. This is not really too dificult if you have a really good parts store around. In San Diego, the only one worth going to is the NAPA mothership-warehouse store: none of the othres have a complete stock, and you wind up driving to 2 or 3. Autozone and Kragen have been of little help here.

First, use only 3/16 preflared lines: they have several advantages over 1/4", mainly bending much more easily. It's probably best to mount the hoses and fixed points first, then measure to see what you'll need length-wise. Be sure to leave a little extra for nice round bends, and service loops at ends.

The Mustang front and T-bird rear hoses are 1/4" female inverted flare, so if you use the stock rubber hoses you will need adapters (Weatherhead 7818) at each hose connection, plus another for the crossover line in the rear, for a total of five. (The factory rear lines have a built-in "T" on the left side.)

If you use braided stainless hoses, which I HIGHLY recommend, you will probably need the four 7818's, but you will need to provide your own "T" to connect the line from the m/c to both rear brakes: a Weatherhead 702X3 will do for this (three female ports, all 3/16 IF).

From the m/c to the rear "T", you will need two lengths of pre-flared tubing (max length that I found was 60"), joined by a Weatherhead 302X3 union.

In front, I used a trailer brake "T" Weatherhead 7900 (two female, one male port, all 3/16) threaded into the driver side hose fitting via a 7818 adapter, running the m/c line to this, and the line to the passenger side across from this. You could also do it with another 702X3 "T", with another short piece of pre-flared tubing.

I have no experience with the m/c you are using. From Matt90GT's site ( http://www.svo73mm.cjb.net/ ) it would appear to be a good choice, but will use metric fittings, probably bubble flare. If it uses a common fluid reservoir, you should retain the stock combination valve for it's safety function, but you will want to modify it to disable the proportioning feature. Matt's site gives info on the why's and how's of this.

Matt90GT might be able to tell you the sizes if you email him, or you could just take the m/c down to your parts store and see what fits, guided by the fitting index. Some of the inch sizes are very close to the metrics, which can be frustrating.


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We use the Jeep MC (10-1896) and it is a lot less expensive ($25 total). The cobra unit is fine just a ton of money ($125) for the same bore and stroke.

Sorry to burst your bubble Forrest but only ONE adaptor is needed. If you look at the Ford fittings from the factory they are 1/4 but have 3/16 line going into them. Edelman make that fitting EDELMAN 121034. The only adaptor needed is the one at the MC (on the jeep) the rest of the fittings are basically as Forrest states (1) "T" with (3) 3/16 fittings (2) 3/16 fittings for the prop valve (if it came with the NPT to 3/16 flair if not you will need these also) and (7) 121034 fittings. This if for an IRS or Rear disc car. Maybe one additional 3/16 in place of one of the 7 121034s.


I have never used any prebent lines. I find the FFR supplied lines to be fine and with a little planning all the curves come out great. My biggest problem with the prebent lines is all th adaptors and all the joints.

Cheers Richard.
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I have never used any prebent lines. I find the FFR supplied lines to be fine and with a little planning all the curves come out great. My biggest problem with the prebent lines is all th adaptors and all the joints.
Ditto What Richard said, if you use the pre bent lines you will have no problems with the rear of the car as long as you also go with the braided SS lines to the calipers. Tri- States sells a IRS kit which will cover the rear of the car and incudeds all the fitings and another for the front. To use the front you HAVE TO GO WITH STOCK MUSTANG 3/PORT M/C and D-BLOCK .
It is really easy to go with pre-flared lines that you bend and the braided SS lines, the only fitings you will need are for the M/C and a 3 way block for the rear and another for the front.

Not to worry: my bubble is OK

Badcaiman's question was about preflared lines and fittings. To my knowledge, preflared 3/16 lines with the Edelmann 121034 fittings installed are not available. Yes, if you re-use the Ford donor fittings, and do your own flares (as I did until my crappy flare tool broke!), the whole job is quite straightforward, as FFR intended. I switched over to preflared lines because it was cheaper than a quality flare tool at that point, and more quickly available.

I agree that the Jeep m/c is probably a better choice, many people have used it and are happy. Just knowing the fittings size up front is a big plus.

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