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Borg Motorsports sent me a set of offset bushings for my front lower control arms. Borg were super helpful and maximized the offset while keeping geometry out of bind. They don’t normally need to max out the offset for a C5 since those get 3.5 degrees already from the factory adjustments.

The result on the GTM came out to appr 1.9 degrees of negative camber on front tires at 4.5” rideheight. So the bushings gave approximately 1 degree extra vs stock GTM. This was achieved while setting the LCAs for max caster. If you sacrifice caster you would get a lot more static camber.

The point of max caster is self return to center, steady on highway, and to make use of the camber gain when turning the wheel for cornering. The moderate static camber setting offers good tire contact and short braking distance, less tire wear.

The job was easy, remove LCA, use a vise and suitable tool or correct size sockets and press the old ones out. Drill and tap for set screws then slip in the offset bushings and add the set screws with loctite. Then re-install LCAs on the car and adjust toe alignment since you've pushed out the LCAs.

Simple and robust mod to get a little more negative camber on the front wheels.
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