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I have a MK4 and I used the same hardware as Jeff (1/2" long 7/16-14 with threaded couplers & washers) and I was able to do what he suggests without lowering the tank. What I did that was different is I used 2 pen magnets and slid 1 pen magnet through the hole of the chassis and then held the 7/16 bolt with both magnets (1 on the head and tail end) and within 15 minutes I had a bolt and threaded coupler through my chassis waiting for the body. I know it sounds complicated, but it turned out to be fairly easy and best of all I didn't have to lower the tank. One thing that I did have to do is I had to loosen the PS tank bolt that is towards the front of the car so that I coule squeeze a 7/16 bolt thru for the lower PS side as this was the only one that was "difficult" but still did not have to lower the tank.

Good luck, Bob
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