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Body Bucks
Download a copy of the correct body buck templates, thanks to Donny Torres [DT].

Front Body Buck - dxf CAD file
Front Body Buck - cnv file
Front Body Buck - jpg file

Rear Body Buck - dfx CAD file
Rear Body Buck - cnv file
Rear Body Buck - jpg file

Click to start download. If that doesn't work, right click and "save target as".

[Wa] "I copied the one on John Baker's Build Site."

Do yourself a favor and use wheels with brakes on them. It will make life easier throughout the project.

Key words: ffr body buck, body buck, body buck cad drawings

Helful links:
Great article on how to build a body buck, click here

Orginal FFR FAQ link: http://www.ffcars.com/FAQ/bodybuck.html
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