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Best soft top for the $$$$

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What is the best soft top for the dollar...I plan on ordering a ffr roadster in the next few months and would like some info on soft tops...thanks alot for the help...later....
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IMHO its the Everett Morrison. Fits the FFR fine and is made of hartz cloth (like a subrella material) that has a much richer look than the vinyl on the FFR top. The side curtains unzip. Total cost is same as FFR possibly about $50 less.

I really installed my EM soft top very tight. I have 2 roll bars. It does touch them just a tiny bit but the fit is great. The only mod that was a little unusual was having to drill a large hole into the inner door panels so that you can get the nut on the ferrule that gets installed to recieve the post on the side curtains. There are 2 posts on each side curtain. The front post on the EM side curtains passes through the front outer & inner door very close to the dash. The holes in the end are not noticeable. No one has even noticed mine yet. Sorry don't have a pic. I need to borrow a digital camera. I haven't even updated my site or posted the finished car pics. Too busy driving it!
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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