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battery relocation

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has anybody tried the battery relocater pan for above the passenger footbox, the one from breeze.it sure sounds like the way to go,
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Since I do not have coilovers and cannot use the Breeze box, I fabricated a box last night rather like Forrest's beautiful setup. It will mount next to the stock battery location, but closer to the driver's side. I was hoping to put it on the passenger's side, but the shorter fuel tank support on that side prevents it. If this works, I'll post photos. I really like the Breeze box, but again, it requires rear coilovers, unless Mark has changed the specs.

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I see what you mean. The Battery box I remember at Breeze is the one that mounts behind the passenger seat. I see the ew one mounts on the passenger footbox.

My box will mount below the upper trunk deck right next to the stock location, but should not take space from the trunk. In the trunk the only indication will be the cover with Dzus fasteners to allow access. I found that an Optima battery fits if the hold down goes lengthwise and not across.

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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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