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It's been a few years, with spurts here and there working on my coupe. But I think life is settled down enough I will be working somewhat steadily. A lot of little things now, and tying things together... You know, 80% done. And 80% to go!

A few years ago I had a stock 5.0 (still in the frame) and was just going to get the thing running. With a career progression however, I was able to get my monster engine build going. That took a detour with a less than scrupulous builder, but the engine is at KAASE now. Torn apart, they found there had been no lube in the assembly..! Glad I listened to that little voice and bit the bullet taking it to KAASE before I attempted to start it.
Anyway, that was the last big hurdle. I think I did miss my chance to run the car at Daytona though (NASA SE last 2 years... Not in 2016)

So... QUESTION! - What is the hot shock set up for track use? Still the DA Koni, or..?

For those interested:
the coupe has spherical solid bearings, front and rear sway bars, and way too big tires (It will definitely need some aero to heat them up!)

TKO-600 for now, behind a Levy supplied lightweight clutch.

KAASE spec, and now built, 427 stroker engine (Yea, I know list is waaaay too much for a light track car)
- Dart Aluminum 351W block (stole it from Rousch... Long story) 4.125 bore (stock)
- KAASE P-38 canted valve heads, CNC ported
- QFT 950 on a Victor single plane intake, match ported
- Lumati VOODOO stroker crank
- Callie's rods
- Diamond custom 12.2-1 Pistons, ceramic coated skirts and domes.
- AVAIAD dry sump, 4 stage (3 in the pan)
- solid roller Comp Cam. Custom KAASE grind. .74" lift...

Alcon front 4 piston 14" brakes
Wilwood rear 4 piston 12.2" brakes
Forgeline 18" wheels (so light!)
Nitto NT-01 tires

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I have a DA QA1 package that has been working great and they are easy to adjust. My Koni's just got to expansive to be practical at $750ea.
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