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It’s pretty unlikely that you’ll win your first race. On top of that – now brace yourself for what comes next – you aren’t a naturally “gifted” driver. The ugly truth about racing it is really comes down to track time and seat time in the car. Instead of spending all that money on the lastest and greatest part or tool, use some money for open track practice days or professional driving school. $200 spent on an open track day session will make you a lot faster than a $200 jack. $3,000 on a professional school will help a lot more than your fancy $3,000 motor.

But you will get faster. The FFR cars have been through a lot of development and some pretty talented people are constantly looking for ways to make these cars go faster. Start with the stock spring configurations and get comfortable with the car before you try to run the same setups as the front runners. If you are new to racing you will be surprised at how much grip they have, how quickly they accelerate, and how much braking power they have. It’s going to take some time. If you are already racing in another class, you may have to get used to the stiff suspension, late apexes, and precise shift points. Either way you’ll get those down shortly. It’ll take a few months to get up to speed and we’ve already seen newcomers challenge for top 3 finishes on a regular basis. That’s one reason why the spec series is so fun!

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