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Well, I've given up on the stock gauges, and am looking at Auto Meters. I've done some searches, and come up with a couple possible issues:

1) Apparently, the Mustang speedo cable doesn't fit. I like the idea of the electronic speedo; has anyone used this? Easy to calibrate?

2) Auto Meter's website says their Arctic White fuel level gauge for "most Fords" needs 73 ohms empty, 8-1/2 ohms full. I think what I need (for donor sender) is 16 ohms empty, 158 full. What has been your experience with Auto Meter - would they swap the innards for me? (Arctic White isn't offered in the 16/158 version)

3) FFR cuts 4" holes in dash for donor speedo/tach. Aftermarket gauges are 3-3/8" or 5". What are the pros/cons (filling hole vice cutting larger hole)? Which looks better? Comparison pics?

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