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Auto Meter gauge questions

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Well, I've given up on the stock gauges, and am looking at Auto Meters. I've done some searches, and come up with a couple possible issues:

1) Apparently, the Mustang speedo cable doesn't fit. I like the idea of the electronic speedo; has anyone used this? Easy to calibrate?

2) Auto Meter's website says their Arctic White fuel level gauge for "most Fords" needs 73 ohms empty, 8-1/2 ohms full. I think what I need (for donor sender) is 16 ohms empty, 158 full. What has been your experience with Auto Meter - would they swap the innards for me? (Arctic White isn't offered in the 16/158 version)

3) FFR cuts 4" holes in dash for donor speedo/tach. Aftermarket gauges are 3-3/8" or 5". What are the pros/cons (filling hole vice cutting larger hole)? Which looks better? Comparison pics?

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I can only answer part of question #3. I'm using Autometer Pro-Comp black=faced gauges (5" speedo and tach), and 2-5/8 engine gauges. I think they look great. They were easy to install, but I ordered a blank dash. I cust the holes using a flycutter I bought from Home Depot for $10. Requires the use of a drill press though.

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As I remember it:

I think I used the stock speedo cable and made a clamp to hold it in place on the gauge, as I recall that was pretty easy.

Try the fuel gauge as is. I was told to change the sender to an earlier model (1983) and did so only to find out that the sender that I had (sn95) was the right one.

Frank n Sons.
The electric speedo is great. It can run off the VSS sensor already on the trans from the donor. Calibration is easy, just find a marked two mile section of road and cruise at an approximatly constant speed. Push the calibrate button at the start and again at the end.

I mounted the button on an "L" bracket right on the back of the speedo. Calibrating the speedo was the easist task when I changed rear end gears.
I have the Artic White Guage Set. I changed my fuel sender over..however... if you go to the autometer web site I think they offer a Ford compatible Artic Guage. Now I have to tell you if I had to over again I would not get this set! The oil PSI electric guage was 20psi off right out of the box. The Boost guage I just bought (twice) does not zero out with the car off..shows 2 on vacuum..worked for the first day!! The plastic chrome bezels on the tach and clock allowed the clear lense to pop of during hard accel. Now they do look nice!! But if you really want to know what is going on with your engine..Accuracy... Well I might look at the Autolights. My .02!

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