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Larry, I think it would be a great idea to add this thread to the FAQ area and updated as needed as time goes by.

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Early Cobras were powered by Ford 260 cu. in V-8 with BW t-10 4 spd. Used Ford shifter with handle installed backward

The small block cars did use the T-10 but didn't use the reversed, long handled shifter like the later BB/Toploader equipped cars.


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Ok, here's my contribution. Sorry, if I missed these in the above posts. Some of these, like some other suggestions, are not 427 Cobra exclusive:

1. Soft top and/or snaps & door ferrules.
2. Rookie stripes.
3. Extended hood scoop.
4. Hood scoop "grille" (perforated sheet metal).
5. Headlamp rock guards/grilles.
6. Oil cooler lines should be black fabric hose.
7. "Kidney Bean" wheels.
8. Quick jacks should be two-piece & welded with the correct mounting points & shape. And, the sleeves should be shortened.
9. Side exhausts should be longer. They should extend to just before the front of the wheel arch.
10. Under-car exhaust.
11. Trunk rack.
12. Wire wheels.
13. Grille bar/splitter.
14. Wind wings.
15. Plexi visors.
16. Relocated gas cap (behind passenger area).
17. Hood louvers -yes, many race cars had them.
18. Single drivers "race seat."
19. SCCA & SAAC decals (windshield).
20. SCCA tech inspection decal (roll bar).
21. 'USA' euro badge/decal on trunk.
22. Racing windscreen.
23. Spats!
24. Door hinge covers.
25. Raydot or Talbot mirrors.
26. Rotunda or Sun short-sweep tach.
27. Door frame aluminum trim (Dark Water).
28. Rubber shift boot.
29. Fire extinguisher.
30. Hoop mounted grab handle.

121 - 128 of 128 Posts
Not open for further replies.