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Interesting kit car from Slovakia imported by www.euroworksltd.com and seen at a recent show which the car won. See at link - www.mid-atlanticconcepts.com (9-15-04 pics)
The car was built alongside mine and is very cool. The color is Kandy Blue. Audi TT suspension parts with a turbocharged mid-engine Honda. This is only kit #10.

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Very interesting. Seems that there are very few cars out there, though? I need to do more research. After doing the mother of all American muscle cars, the ricer thing is kind of interesting. They did a nice job with the body, if you can get into that look. The pics would be infinitely better if they could pull all the trampy looking Asian chicks off the vehicle.

I remember seeing the euroworksltd.com ads in Kit Car Magazine a few months back, but haven't seen them lately. I hope that doesn't mean they're having funding problems -- this seems like a promising car for a somewhat different market than Cobra enthusiasts.

/begin rant/ For those of us that appreciate the exoticar look, these companies really mess up the product's image by promoting stereotype that you see on all the ricer magazines. Those girls draped out like that really do nothing to further interest in the car itself, and given the girls they picked in this case, it's mostly just a distraction!
It's kind of pitiful... /end rant/

Cheers, John

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at some extent I agree with John.
I almost ordered an Attack kit with the intent on installing a 66 289 Ford Block in the frame, or just build it according to their specs, if you go to the Attack forums you can see that I was one of the first members there. But after seeing my current donor for my current build "SuperCobra" at the wrecking yard, I decided to buy it and build another FFR.
The ricer image is just too strong with the Attack, besides since it doesn't replicate an older vehicle it should be registered as a new "especially constructed vehicle" and in California that means Going thru the smog sniffer every couple of years, (hence my idea to install an older SBF in it, so to register it by the year of the engine).
Don't get me wrong, it's a nice kit and the gelcoat is top notch, the frame is well structured and there's a video somewhere of a Black Attack running thru an AutoX course and it seems fast and nimble.
But the love for the Cobras is just too strong for me.

ahh by the way, I was very focused on getting an Attack that I also registered a couple of domain names to showcase my build.

"Project SuperCobra" underway....
2003 SVT Cobra Donor with only 5K miles
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