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Went to the local track today with Lightning and Harley Cop and had loads of fun. Lightning and myself had our cobras their running them. I ran the car 3 times and got the best time I have ever ran. Best run stats are
R/T .693
60 1.951
330 5.464
1/8 8.334
MPH 86.93
1000 10.797
1/4 12.905
MPH 107.09
Also we found out that SCCA is having a event at same location tommorow so looks like we will be back for more fun.

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looks like you can find some good time in your 60 foot time. Glad you had fun, I thought I felt a happy frame singing somewhere (they do that when folks use them for what they were born to do).

Dave Smith

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Sounds like you guys had fun. Nice ET! That's about .5 seconds faster than the last time I talked to you earlier this year!

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