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I am having an issue with the AOD in my HR.

The AOD was built by TCI. They selected one of their converters to match my engines dyno sheet. I am using the trans cooler that is built into the AFCO/FFR HR radiator.

The issue now is that I have a significant leak coming from the bellhousing. The leak just "appeared" after 350 miles. It seemed to have developed after taking off fairly aggressively one day. I cleaned up the underside of the HR and looked for what I could, namely the tailshaft area and the cooling fittings. But it was pretty obvious that the fuild was coming from the bellhousing. After that I drove the HR a few times accumulating 60-70 miles. Not even a drip. A few days ago I went out for a drive got on it from a slow roll once or twice and the leak came back. Any ideas?

I just hate the prospect of having to pull the trans. On the HR it means removing; hood, side panels, grill, radiator, engine, dropping the rear end so that the driveshaft can be removed. It is a big job. Frankly, I might just consider selling the thing ($33K as is) . I really want to work on my Mark IV and not spend a few weeks taking the HR apart. I already went through this in the Spring when I had to pull the engine (and do all of the above work as well) for a bad rear main seal.

So, why would some slightly aggressive driving (and I mean slightly, as I have never even put my foot down all the way) cause or contribute to a leak from the bellhousing area?

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