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My Lentech Street Turdinator Plus AOD just died for the second time in less than 5000 miles, so I'm looking for a replacement. I'm leaning heavily toward a 4R70W with a Baumann controller. Now I just have to find one...I think I'm going to just get a used one from a junkyard this time instead of paying megabucks for a rebuilt one from a shop who supposedly knows what they're doing but sold me (twice :cursing:) a big pile of crap instead.

For a Ford SB, you'll need 4R70W from a 3.8L Mustang or a 5.0L 4x2 Explorer in order for the bellhousing to match up to the block. From my research, 98-02 is the optimal year range. Newer than '02 have some upgrades, but don't have provisions for a VSS or speedo cable.

Lots of good info here, but it takes some wading through: Click Click Racing - Click Click Racing

01 would be the last year for the 5.0 explorer they went to the 4.6 in 02
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