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I'm using Super Stock "socketless" hose for flex fuel lines. I can't get the hose to bottom out against the socket for the life of me. :mad: If any of you used this stuff tell me a secret... PLEASE!!


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I used a couple of pieces from the tank to the frame. Make sure you are using some type of lube. Here is some info from AmericanStreetRod:

Super-Stock Hose Ends with Super-Stock Hose </font>
  • Cut the hose square with a sharp knife.</font>
  • Slip the aluminum collar over the hose.</font>
  • Mark the hose at the back of the collar.</font>
  • Lubricate the inside of the hose and the outside of the nipple. Use assembly lube or engine oil. Do not use a silicon-based lube.</font>
  • Push the hose end into the hose until it bottoms.</font>
  • Check the mark made on the hose in Step 3 to ensure that the hose end has indeed bottomed against the end of the hose.</font>
  • Blow the assembly clean and pressure test before running the car.</font>

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I used some for the connections from the tank to an external fuel pump, -10 and -6. The -10 was a piece of cake to install; the -6 was a bitch and a half.

I am fortunate enough to have an Earl's factory outlet a few miles away, so after trying 3 times (and having to cut 1" off the hose each time) I took the -6 hoses to them to try and assemble... and even they gave up :rolleyes: (nicely exchanging all the -6 Super Stock parts for Ultra Braided line and fittings). ;)

Turns out that the BLUE line is much easier to work with than the BLACK line in -6 (only), they don't know why. :confused:

It can be done with the Blue -6 hose (and all other sizes and colors) very easily, here's what I did -

1. Cut hose to length and install fitting into a vice, barbe end out. Be careful not to crush the fitting!;
2. Stick the hose end in a pot of boiling water for 30 seconds or so;
3. Slide the metal sleeve over the hose end, lube the barbed fitting and hose end well with oil (new motor oil works OK);
4. In one constant steady motion, push the hose end onto the barb, do not stop until the hose is completely covering the fitting.

That's it, you're done.
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