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Going down to Sunny Jacksonville, FL this weekend for the NAS Air Show. Anybody know anything happening automotive wise, especially with the Cobra's, this weekend. We are staying with a friend that is on the fence about building a FFR Roadster. Would like to gently "push" him over the edge. He just sold his Legend race car and thinks he might miss racing too much, but I know he really enjoys the building challanges (he designed and built his own Micro Sprint frames/ axles/ etc when he was racing those up here). I would like to expose him to some local FFR's- he has questions (in all fairness he has been on the web site and he plans on attending the Daytona Turkey Day Show & I am trying to convince him to take the Sat of the Reptile Roundup and go down and see the cars). He wants to do a basic build (that is what he says BEFORE he gets into it- didn't we ALL say that???) using a donor vehicle.
Leaving tomorrow morning -early- any suggestions please post by 9 tonight (10/31).

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It's to bad you cant be here for the Nov 16th Roundup.
Tell your friend the Roundup is a must do!
He will get a chance to see Factory 5's, Hunter, Backdraft Racing, Contemporary, E/M's and others at this show.

Have him give me a call if he needs directions.

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