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Guys, my son has a '00 Mustang we're doing a complete color change on the interior from the saddle/tan to black/charcoal. We've recovered the seats in TMI's '03 Cobra replica upholstery and foam, dyed the dash, new carpet, etc.

When he got the car the PO was in the middle of a rear seat delete, but we got a rear seat to install in it as well as rear seatbelts. The rear seatbelt T-50 Torx hardware came with the belts, but the rear seat's buckles (either side of the trans tunnel) use a large metric nut to secure them to a welded stud in the pan/floor.

Does anyone still have these nuts or have a donor with the belts in place and can determine the metric thread size and pitch? I have a bolt gauge, but haven't tried to fit it down over the stud yet (if even possible). I'd rather make one tripe to Lowes instead of three, especially going out today on Black Friday with all the idiots!

And I'll be sure to post before and after pics in OT too...

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