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Aluminum Small Block

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Is there a company out there that has a Aluminum small block Ford block? Thinking ahead on the next project :D
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Thee are several, FMS sells the RDI blocks, prices are around 3K. Mike Forte had an aluminium 302 block, I think he wanted $2200 for it.
The FMS blocks, 302 c.i., weigh about 50/60 lbs less than a stock block, closer to 100/110 than the R302's.
Yep, FMS has a 351 alum. block. The 302's were hard to get because the outfit that makes them made some revisions to their design, in the lifter area,I believe. I thought that most of the alum FMS stuff was made by Alan Root.
The 400 C.I. small block Chevy is a siamese bore, and talk about ass kicking engines. Fear not, be brave, aluminium blocks and steel liners= good times.
FMS Z351

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1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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