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Adjust Clutch Pedal Height

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I have my Mk IV go-cart running but would like to adjust the clutch pedal height for a more comfortable transition between brake and clutch. The engine, trans, clutch are out of a 2001 Mustang SVT donor. The picture attached shows the current position of the clutch pedal. Factory Five says it should be about 1/2" taller than brake pedal. Right now it's about 3". What's the best way to adjust this? Thank you.


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While your 3 inch may be a bit much I don't necessarily w/ FFR on 1/2 in. The clutch pedal moves quite a bit further than the brake pedal during it's normal operation. So, for me, I always have the clutch higher than the brake. Couple of possibilities to adjust it. One is a firewall adjuster.
Another is a cable w/ adjustment at the bottom end
This is a good pic as it illustrates every thing in one. See the big black rubber thing on the end of the cable that is horizontal? That would be replaced by the aluminum adjuster I showed above. As you can see, the opposite end has a threaded end piece.
See the almost half pie shaped aluminum piece. Do you have one of those or do you have the stock plastic piece as seen here at about 1'50"?
If you still have this, the problem is that it automatically takes slack out of the cable so your pedal will always be as high as possible. This video is a great tutorial on how to do the entire swap.
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That appears to be the stock donor pedal box. On the side should be the cruise control dump switch from the clutch, unless that is being used it can be replaced. I know this sounds silly but we take a 3 inch length of heater hose and put it between the box and the pedal arm. We cut a slit in it as long as needed to get the pedal where we want it. It does a couple of things, sets pedal height and works as a damper for the pedal so it does not rattle metal on metal. HTH, Richard.
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