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Bear-AvHISTORY asked that I document how I added a shift light to my dash. So here it is.

I recently added a shift light to my roadster. It would have been easier to do this while building the dash. But, I thought of this after a few driving seasons because I’m a little paranoid of over revving the engine during more spirited drives.

Since I used the FFR gauges in the build (which are Speedhut gauges), I decided to go with a Speedhut shift light for consistency and reduce any complications. After talking to Speedhut, I found out the FFR branded gauges are not built with an auxiliary Shift-Light plug, so the “G-Shift” model won’t work. (The “G-Shift” is really just a light. The settings to activate the light are in certain Speedhut tachs, but not FFR gauges.) I had to use the “SST” model which has an internal computer which triggers the light. They come with different tube and light colors. (There is an “SSTMAX” model, which I believe is used for cars with an ECU. I’m old school carb.) Here’s a link. http://www.speedhut.com/shift-lights/

Wiring: “SST” is very east to connect. Simply add the black, white and red to the existing black, white and red wires from the FFR gauges. Then, splice the yellow wire to the yellow wire feeding the tech from the coil. Easy.

Mounting: I wanted it mounted in the dash and not on top, so it blended in and didn’t look out of place. Also, I wanted the light to be removable to change settings (RPM trigger, light brightness and retrieve peak RPM readout). I thought of different designs including fabricating a metal sleeve, but then thought of the KISS principle… Keep It Simple Stupid. The light came with an adjustable mount that has an adhesive backing. So I decided to use it.

During my original build, I installed a red light for future use… but never used it. I decided that was where I was going to mount the shift light. I just had to enlarge the hole. I had to be careful of the vinyl covering AND the wires behind. I made sure I was 1000% sure no wires were in the way. I didn’t want to cut the vinyl as it would be tucked inside the enlarged hole for a finished look. (Possible change is to find and mount a bezel.)
After drilling the hole, I mocked up the angle of the support arm and trimmed the base (see pic). Measure twice, cut once. Then, the finally peeled the backing and pressed the mount into place with the light installed.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. It took about an hour. It’s not out of place on top of the dash and it is rock solid, yet removable.

It came in handy during my second drive with the shift light installed. Coming off the highway, a minivan and I happened to be next to each other, me entering the surface street and the minivan wanting to get into the merge lane for the highway. Technically, the minivan had the right of way, so I yielded to them. But the minivan slowed substantially to get behind me, so I gunned it to get out of the way. Sure enough, I see the red shift light come on through my peripheral vision and I knew to shift without looking at the tach nor taking my attention away from the road.


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