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I took Joel Martin's drive shaft over to Houston Drive Train to have it shortened. FFCars.com offered to pay for the job. Anyway, I told Bubba about the tragic loss of Joel's father (Gary).

Today when I picked up his drive shaft, Bubba said... don't worry about the money; Merry Christmas. That blew me away!

If anyone needs to get a drive shaft done, please give these guys a call.

Bubba Jones
Houston Drive Train Services
7959 N Loop East
Houston, TX 77028
(713) 675-6375
e-mail: [email protected]

I also took a fellow forum members shaft in and they only charged $69 to shorten it. Which included one new end that was not right and new u-joints. What a deal!

Thanks Houston Drive Train!

- Bill

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Wow Bill that is great. I was curious if that yoke was going to be trouble or not. Was it the length or the rust?

Thanks again for taking care of us

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