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Here's how I planned on doing my build. Worst case that I see (when I finally get into it) is that I have to go find a different donor.

But here's my plan: I already have a carbed motor, and a T-5.

I plan to running an IRS, so any rear end on the mustang won't be used.

Since the IRS will have 5 lug brakes, I plan on upgrading any front brakes to the M2300 R, which should be the same cobra kit as the K, only its for the front end.

I'm not sure if it actually has spindles or not, but they can usually be bought for $50.

Lastly, I'm going to buy aftermarket gauges.

So, after that, I figure that my running gear is pretty much covered.

So, what does it matter if I get a 4 cylinder or a earlier model mustang if all I need are the gas tank and the drive and steering shafts and all the other odds and ends?

Plus, if I leave the rear and front end on the car, I could sell it as a roller.

Now remember, I'm still planning, so I may be talking out of my rear end when it comes to whether this will actually work, but, we'll see.

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