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Sadly I need to sell my 818 that I started with my son several years ago. Now that he's getting ready to graduate college out time together becomes even more limited.I rolled this out amongst my other projects to take pictures.

I need to get this out of the garage $10k.

Trade me something useful or make me an offer I can't refuse. Seriously, make me an offer close to $10k and you'll have a deal.

Located in Huntsville, AL

The details-
818 with White body - MSO and all paper work from Factory Five
Donor- Running and Driving 2004 WRX with ~180k on it as I recall
  • Heads redone at local shop, resurfaced, new head gaskets, water pump, timing belt and pulleys
  • compression was surprisingly high so decided not to rebuild motor
  • turbo was in great shape- previous owner replaced it
  • all donor parts used
-Motor and trans installed
-ACT stage 2 clutch with light flywheel
-running gear installed
- new brakelines, pads, rotors and calipers (rotors need to be resurfaced now)
-wiring is a mess and that's what stopped us
  • have the chip to solder in the speedometer to start odometer at 0
  • tubs of donor parts, FFR parts, body work, and sheetmetal

The frame is powder coated by FFR. The engine paint and trans paint is flaking. I guess we didn't get it as clean as we thought.

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