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As most of you know, I was chosen to be a FFR Gen 3 Type 65 Coupe Beta builder. Between that and my new business as a 2 store NAPA owner, time is tight and something has to give. With that being said, I have decided to sell my running and driving 818S/C. The car is about 85% complete and used a 2004 WRX with low miles as the donor.

The car started out as an S model and I bought the hardtop kit so it includes both S and C parts and can be finished either way.

Options include:
Wayne's wiring harness and computer
New aluminum front lower control arms,
Wayne's BBS wheels with new tires
New GTM seats on seat sliders
New 3 core radiator and dual fans
FFR shifter
Electric e-brake
New battery
Fully insulated interior
Padded dash and door panels
Boyd's aluminum gas tank
Shane's side vents (not installed)
Mechie's hood vents (not installed), rear brace bar, hood and rear panel hinges and shifter linkage
Mike's replica parts rear panel hinges

What's left to do?
Finish installing hardtop if desired
Install hood hinges, side and hood vents
Final dash installation

I have well over $22K into it and want $16k or BRO for it.

If you have been contemplating an 818C or 818S, this one is fully sorted and almost complete. It's not a fire sale as I can just leave it in my enclosed trailer until I have the time to complete it.

I am sure there is more that I am forgetting and can send pictures. The car is located in Port Charlotte, FL.



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A few more details:

The donor had 113,030 miles (on the title) and it ran and drove when bought. I changed the timing belt and gears, oil and water pump, painted the valve covers red and put new gaskets in.

I also have the FFR windshield wiper option. I had the wiper motor mounted when it was a S model but took it out to convert to Coupe.

Title - I bought the donor from Co-part and I have the sales receipt/bill of sale and a color copy of the title. I also have the FFR certificate of origin.

Mike Everson’s stainless steel exhaust

Electromotive Tec-S with custom harness getting rid of that ball of wires from the donor in the tunnel

Chassis number is F5R1000042ES

White gel coat and old style front end (personally I don’t like the new) and white gel coat hard top

Optional harness bar installed for the 5 point and I also have the 3 point.

FFR aluminum optional shifter.

I am driving up to FFR the last week of November and if you live on the East Coast, I may be able to deliver.

I also have a real nice 24 ft trailer for sale which I can deliver both if on the east coast. The trailer alone is $6k but if someone was to buy both, I would go $20K for the package deal.



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Congrats Henry! Let me know if the deal works out -- and if you plan to deliver it up this way. If so, I live in the Cheese state, 45 minutes North of the IL line (on route to Minneapolis). I'm 10 minutes off of I-90/94. Please plan to stop by if the deal brings you up this way.
Craig F.
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