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For sale: Beautiful brand new Mark III complete car with zero miles.

Located just East of Raleigh, NC this complete Mark III is ready to roll! All of the components have been detailed and installed with care. The paint (base coat clear coat) and bodywork was completed at a professional shop and they used one gallon of clear on this small body! I ordered this car from Factory Five with the optional powder-coated chassis, wind wings, sliding driver’s side seat tracks and hood hinge kit.

Many of the parts on the car have multi-year warranties, some lifetime from Advance Auto Parts. The engine is a 5.0 H.O. that was built at a local machine. I used an upper-hose-mounted radiator cap so that you could actually check, and add, fluid in the car. I used new Autometer gauges for looks and reliability as opposed to the Mustang gauges (tach, speedo, oil pressure, water temp, volts and fuel).

Here are some details:

New radiator, hoses, thermostat, radiator cap, overflow tank and electric fan
New spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor
New Ford Fuel injectors and fuel filter
New idler pulley and engine belt
New alternator
New water pump (not rebuilt but brand new)
New speedometer cable
New front brake rotors and pads
New ball joints and tie rod ends
New rear brake shoes and wheel cylinders
New clutch, pressure plate, pilot bearing and throwout bearing
New clutch cable
Flywheel machined
New Optima Red Top spiral cell battery
New BFG Radial T/A tires
New Ford turn / high beam switch

There may be other items that I have left off but this is a very clean and well-built car that is ready for spirited driving excitement. The price for this turn-key car is only $27,900, neg.

This car was built and priced to make it affordable for more people. If you want the Halibrand style wheels, those can be added. If you would like a chrome roll-bar, that can be done easily. As can ceramic coated side pipes, chrome dress-up engine items and racing stripes. This car was designed to allow a lower purchase price so the owner could afford to tailor the car to their specific needs as time and money permitted. Or, if you want those upgrades, we can install them for you.

Contact Jayme at 919 553 2509 or [email protected]

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