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4 Lug vs 5 Lug....What do you think?

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I have the stock rearend and spindles and had planned on 4 lug.I now would like disc brakes on the rear.Is there a conversion for the rear to use discs and still use 4 lug? Is it not to expensive to just buy a 5 lug rear with discs and replace the front spindles as well?I know this might be expensive but the drum brakes on the rear bother me.Also the car is only at the brake and fuel line stage so everything is still easily accesible.Go ahead,let me have it! Chris.
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The rear drums should be fine for all but track use. Remember, the brakes are coming off of a 3000+ lb car and going on to a 2000+ lb car. I seem to remember someone saying that the 60-0 distance was less than 120 ft. That's really quite good.

All of that said, I may upgrade mine next winter after it is done and on the road to rear discs. I would only do it for ease of maintenance. Oh, and I have seen 4 lug rear disc kits. Try Disc Brakes R Us.
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