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4 stage aviaid pump #001-14220 with 1.5" scavenge/pressure sections.

billet fabrication dry sump pan, 6 1/2" deep

pump bracket #104 40011-02

2 belts plus extra long belt to be used with primer

peterson screened filters for pan

4 pulleys to give 4 different pump ratios

all fittings are -12, small dent in pan in upper right bottom in pic. pump easily pulled 3-5" vacuum at idle and will pull/pressurize whatever you need. the bracket from engine to pump was modified to use on a jesel setup and the bracket on pump was modified to bring the pump closer to the block, should be able to use with oem equipment, bracket part # included above. the pan never has fit the block real good, so i used rtv or 'the right stuff', instead of a regular pan gasket. the pan will fit 4 bolt rear main blocks or production block. there are two brackets in the pic, only one is needed with oem timing chain cover. came off 351w drives for crank mandrel are 1".

$1000 plus shipping


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