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Thanks to an email I received from Henry, I have an idea.

Starting August 2010, we're going to have a "FFR Hot Rod Picture of the Month"

On August 1st we'll post the very first FFR Hot Rod POM. And, as a bonus, we'll honor other FFR Hot Rod's with POM for Jan-July 2010 so that we can start with 2010 as the first Hot Rod POM calendar. This means I need a lot of Hot Rod photos ASAP.

If we can get photos of at least 7 finished Hot Rods we'll be able to name a Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul and Aug POM and then be able to make a 2010 calender.

Thanks and good luck.

  1. Only finished cars are eligible to be considered for POM honors.
  2. No moving vehicles.
  3. No people in the photo.
  4. The background is very important. Find something interesting to use as a back drop. Take a look at the old POM's and maybe you can come up with something similar. Forget using a field of grass, a house, an empty parking lot, etc. Photos with boring backgrounds get deleted first.
  5. Send us a JPG or TIF file.
  6. We need the picture to be at least 2200 pixels wide. If you use a digital camera we have found that at least a 4 mega pixel camera is required.
  7. Please only submit 1 photo at a time. Wait a few months before sending a new picture.
  8. After you submit your photo you may not hear from us. It might take a year of more for your photo to show up as POM. The better the photo, the quicker it might get picked.
  9. Please don't be offended if your car doesn't get featured as a POM. We get several entries each month and only 1 can win.
So are you ready to send us a picture? Send your photo by email to: bill "@" ffcars.com (take out the quotes and spaces)



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Awesome, I can't wait to send you a pic but I need to progress to the "finished" condition.

I look forward to seeing some of the images submitted. I need all the motivation I can get. :D
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